• High Gloss
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Self Cleaning
  • Prevent UV Fading
  • Fouling Release

100% Protection

Ceramic Coating for Boat Hulls and Superstructures.

Leaders in ceramic protection for the marine industry, we provide Ceramic Coating for boats and yachts.

Ceramic coating is applied in layers to boat hull sides and superstructures, providing 100% protection from UV Fading.

Ceramic can be applied to all surfaces above and below the waterline onboard motor boats, sailing yachts and super yachts. Once the ceramic coat is fully cured it becomes 100% water repellent, resulting in a High Gloss finish. What's more it's almost maintenance free!

Ceramic-Marine, unrivalled protection for your investment.


Ceramic Hull Coating Application


Ceramic coatings is a clear chemical layer. The more layers applied, the more protection.

Typical application is suited to newly finished surfaces, Ceramic-Marine can ensure a complete service from the initial call.  

100% Ceramic Hull Protection

100% Protection

Ceramic Coating for boat hulls and superstructures provides 100% protection and is essential to protect surfaces from UV fading.

For example, a ceramic coated superstructure or hull will protect the surface for up to 3 years.

Furthermore, ceramic coating is 100% repellent (hydrophobic).

Ceramic Aftercare on Boat Hull


We pride ourselves as leaders in ceramic protection for the marine industry and provide both aftercare packages to suit and warranty as standard.


With an annual top-up package, you can be sure of year round protection.

Ceramic Marine Coated Sunseeker Yacht


Ceramic-Marine started out at the beginning of 2018.

Committed to working with our clients personally whilst navigating a professional service from the very start of a ceramic project through to the after care. 


Having vast knowledge on various types of marine applications, ceramic coating is the cost effective solution to long term surface protection on lager vessels. We advise on the correct methods to achieve an unrivalled protection for your investment. 


We welcome clients in the trade looking to offer that final glass like finish before handover and without question clients with privately owned vessels too. Ceramic-Marine also operate overseas and cater for those clients already enjoying the sun!



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