Discovery 58

Commissioned by Discovery Ship Yards to install ceramic coating to their clients newly built sailing yacht. Sporting a navy gelcoat hull Ceramic-Marine are able to provide peace of mind to the client with the ease of long term maintenance and cleaning. Furthermore slow down and prevent UV fading and reduce environmental impact.

Before applying the ceramic coating she underwent a full gelcoat correction, with the use of silicone free compounds and various tooling to ensure a mirror finish. Only at this point do we install a primer layer to ensure ceramic adhesion and warranty.

Once the ceramic coating has cured fully, the surface becomes hydrophobic. This final stage of the process is now the hard shell that shines with depth and clarity ensuring 100% protection.

We offer after care packages to clients, comprising of top-up detail coatings, repairs post damages and of course any additional surface protection.  


Catermaran 50

Another new build from Discovery Ship Yard, this 50' Catamaran underwent a full hull ceramic installation.

Starting with all the necessary surface assessments, Ceramic-Marine ensured her grey gelcoat was fully primed before applying two ceramic coats.

Given her vast hull surface area, we needed to divide the installation into sections to ensure seamless coverage. Her two outer hull sides were coated first, then her stern. We then continued the installation from both inner bow sections to her entire underside. 

We pride ourselves with the ability and knowledge to complete such works within a time scale. This particular project completed within three weeks.

We provide our own height access towers and safety rigs allowing the client peace of mind when commissioning Ceramic-Marine.


Formula 419

Ceramic-Marine services and installations are so versatile, we can install ceramic coating to underwater running gear. 

This Formula is a great example.

The owner has her stored on a Dry-Stack and even though she doesn't stay in the water long enough to harbour growth below the waterline, our client wanted to maintain the smooth surface, aid cleaning process and ensure minimal friction when cruising at high speeds!


Though her drives are not new and do show signs of some age related marks, we were able to correct the surface as best possible and install the ceramic coat to all painted and stainless surfaces.


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