Ceramic Marine Coated Blue Super Yacht

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a permanent transparent chemical, applied in layers to any surface.

Once fully cured it becomes 100% water repellent, provides a barrier from UV oxidation and resistant to chemicals.

Ceramic Marine Coated Hull Above the Waterline

Above the waterline

Harsh exposure in the marine environment above the waterline is a well known issue for boat owners. Ceramic coating on superstructures and hull sides are protected against UV oxidation and contamination.

Ceramic Marine Coating for 100% Protection

100% Protection

Ceramic coating guarantees to seal any surfaces above and below the waterline. GRP surfaces to prevent long term fading. Stainless fittings and glass can also benefit from ceramic 100% protection.

Ceramic Marine protected Boat Outdrives

Below the waterline

By creating a protective barrier, ceramic coating prevents the growth of sea organisms and algae below the waterline. Increasing speed through the water!


Our clients say..

Thanks to Ceramic-Marine, our blue gelcoat looks stunning all the time, a simple wash and wipe is all she needs. Fantastic product.

Dal / Targa 52

Ceramic coating has saved us thousands in conventional maintenance costs. Pay for quality and receive quality - thank you.

Offshore / world traveller

Why use ceramic?

Reduce heavy maintenance and cleaning with ceramic coating, preserve looks and longterm protection.

High Gloss Ceramic Marine Coating

High Gloss

Ceramic is a high gloss finish that exceeds OEM paint or gelcoat quality.


This means, ceramic coating your boat or yacht will be glossier than the day you bought it.


Clarity and colour on a ceramic coated yacht is something to behold. Unlike wax, it provides a permanent shine.

Ceramic Marine Keeping the Clean Look

Kepping the clean look

Once your boat hull or superstructure is ceramic coated, you will be the envy of fellow boat owners.


It cannot be washed away and once cured the protective coating can withstand temperatures from -500C to 12000C, keeping the clean look.


The results are truly eye-catching.

Once cured, it creates a surface that can withstand scuffing and minor scratches.

Ceramic Marine providing Durability


Ceramic is the most durable & protective coating available for your boat. It's durability will prevent contact of gelcoat, paint or metal with air and water. Which intern protects the surface from oxidation and corrosion.

So durable, it is categorised above 9H on the Pencil test scale. This scale is used in the coating industry to determine a mineral’s hardness. 9H is the highest on the scale.


Maintained correctly, ceramic boat coating will stay hard for a lifetime.

UV Oxidation Barrier

Ceramic boat coating is a product applied in layers, starting with a penetrating foundation that can be built up creating a protective layer, sealing the applications surface.

With a built in UV oxidation barrier, the ceramic coating protects gelcoat, paint, rubbers and plastics against fading.

Ceramic coating your new boat hull or yacht will sustain that “brand new” appearance with minimal future maintenance.

Ceramic Marine Self Cleaning

Self Cleaning

Due to the self cleaning properties of ceramic, it reduces surface tension on gelcoat or the applied surface.

Therefore preventing common foul build-up such as waterline algae and scum from adhering to the pores, thus making growth removal easy.


Installing smooth hydrophobic ceramic layers act as a shield from contaminants allowing them to be easily washed away!

Versatility & Flexibility

Ceramic coating for boats is the most versatile coating on the planet, proven to be a perfect coating for surfaces exposed to expansion and deformation such as hull flexing.


The 9H ceramic coating wont crack, dry-out or flake like acrylic sealants. This also allows the product to be applied to all upholstery and soft furnishings.


Because of ceramic versatility and flexibility there is literally no surface on your boat that can be left unprotected!

Fuel Economy 

Applying ceramic below the waterline creates a passive air cavity reducing the surface tension and drag on the hull. 


Allowing higher speeds with lower RPM's and a huge saving on fuel economy!

Ceramic Marine Coating Warranty


For peace of mind all our ceramic installations come with warranty. 

We feel confident to guarantee you a minimum of three years above the waterline and one year below the waterline. As long as the 9H ceramic coating is maintained accordingly and not exposed to an abnormal amount of abrasion.

Ceramic Marine Product Certification

Product Certification

All ceramic products are certified by SGS – the world’s leading inspection, verification and product certification entity. 

Achieving the highest possible result in every test, NO other coating product to date has been officially tested.

Ceramic Marine Products Certification
  • Corrosion test (ASTM B117) Result: Unaffected

  • Hardness test (JIS 5400) Result: Over 9H

  • Flexibility test (ASTM D522) Result: 0mm loss at 1800 rotation

  • Shock test (ASTM D2794) Result: 80/80 inch-lbs

  • Acids and alkalis (JIS K5400 (1990)) Result: No visible damage

  • Heavy metals Result: None

  • Toxicity test (SVHC) Result: No toxic substances